About Me


Hey y’all!

Hannah is the name and mushy, lovey-dovey photos are my game. I am an extremely awkward person that you can find roaming around with my husband Julio (that tall drink of water with me in the photos below) and two kids, looking for the best iced coffee and tacos. Although, let’s be real here, I am always on the hunt for great food of any kind. I grew up with 5 brothers and sisters and we all have developed some sort of love of the arts, whether it is videography, painting, costume design, if it is art, someone in my family probably has a love for it. My kids are literally the light of my life and the reason for everything I do, they are both such amazing souls with endless amounts of kindness, humor, and love for music. They have grown to be each other’s best friend and it makes my heart melt in every way imaginable. My family and I currently reside in Tampa, FL and while I can’t complain about the beauty… yikes is the humidity a nightmare for my hair. I can promise if you see me out and about, it will look like I just crawled out of a cave. My sincerest apologies, my hair looked decent for about 10 minutes, not much more I can do about that situation. I was born in good ol’ Missouri and raised in Maine, so while the Midwest was my first love, New England will ALWAYS have my heart. Mostly because the ice cream stands in Maine are so amazing that no where else on the planet can compare. Step up your game you guys, seriously. This girl needs some REAL ice cream in her life.

I found my passion for photography when I took an elective course in high school. We shot on vintage film cameras and learned how to develop film in the dark room, which was really just a massive pain in the ass (excuse my language, but I mean… come on). My love for photography really developed (ha, no pun intended) when we started to learn photoshop. I spent HOURS teaching myself how to use all the little tools, how to move someone into a new photo, how to change my weird little brother’s frown in the family photo to a very creepy smile. It was being able to add that extra element after you have done all the work you can in the camera to give that photo the little extra WOW factor that it needed.

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